Salt Depot  

The Salt Depot Offers an Exclusive line of Solid and Liquid Bulk Material that are readily available in our depots to fight winter weather conditions 24hours a day! Select our Green Options for a Friendlier Alternative for your roads or properties.

Our specially formulated Treated Bulk salt is an environmental alternative that is fast acting and cost effective which all contractors can benefit from. Contact us today and find out how this environmentally, less corrosive and effective ice melting technique can ensure you are meeting all your maintenance requirements! This winter, Salt Smart with our Treated Bulk Salt!

Description Made with magnesium chloride. A liquid treated deicing formula that contains environmentally friendly properties that effectively adheres to ground surfaces while melting snow and ice quicker and safer than using rock salt alone.
Melting Temperature -5°F / -15°C
Vegetation No Effect
Environment No Effect
Skin Irritation No Effect
Residue Non
Corrosion Non
Environmentally friendly
  Reduces corrosion to metals
  Non tracking
  Fast acting
  Breaks the bond between ice and surface area
  Allows precise spreading to ensure cost-effective dispersion