Salt Depot  

The Salt Depot understands how fast and efficient service is to all customers, which is why 4 years ago we introduced a more FASTER, SECURE and MANAGEABLE way to offer our account customers efficiency by implementing Salt Depot Account ID cards. 

The Salt Depot Account ID card is important for many reasons. It offers our account customers:

*A quick & efficient way to process transactions

*Eliminates errors that can occur by doing things manually

*Maintains accuracy of your account

*Prevents fraudelent transactions from occurring

IMPORTANT NOTE: Account ID cards are mandatory for every transaction processed at any Salt Depot location. If ID cards are not provided at point of sale, cutomers will be charged COD at list price.

But our convenient payment services don't stop there! Check out our payment options that can help secure your salt for the season and save you expense that no other service out there can offer! 

If you would like more information on our Salt Depot Account cards or need to request, cancel or re-issue new cards, please contact our head office today. 905.479.1177 or 416.399.2006